Respect a Woman

~ When I was born, A Woman was there to hold me. (My MOTHER)
~ I grew as a child, A Woman was there to care 4 me & play with me. (My SISTER)
~ I went to school, A Woman was there to help me learn. (My TEACHER)
~ I became depressed whenever, I lost A Woman was there to offer a shoulder. (My CLASSMATE)
~ I needed company, compatibility, & Love; A great woman was there 4 me. (My WIFE)
~I became tough, A Woman was there to melt me. (My DAUGHTER)
~ When i die, A Woman is there to absorb me in. (My MOTHERLAND)

+_+ A WOMAN has a big role in our Society as Allah (swt) elevated her Status in Islam. Alhamdulillah :)

So, Treasure your WOMEN..


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