. Oh I Miss College!.

Salam alaykum.

Dear readers, I miss College!

So you know, I have already graduated my diploma courses several months ago at KUIS in March 2010 in Islamic Studies (Dakwah)...I'm so proud of myself to complete it on time....Yeah...At the moment I work temporarily as a teacher at my mom's kindergarten. I LOVE to teach, and I LOVE my children very much... ($ years old)LIKE! InsyaAllah, I'll continuing my degree at the same college (Selangor International Islamic University College). I can't even wait and so excited to attend for my registration day on this coming October 18th. The new courses that I will studying is "The Bacherlor Of Dakwah and Human Resource". InsyaAllah... I really miss my college life there and so eager start all over again.... I'm so bored now... and really miss the moment at Kuis with the wonderful landscape and a beautiful Mosque of Al Azhar. HOho......

Actually before long holidays...I had my own dreams that is to attend needle work classes but then time is running so fast until I didin't realise that I have wasted the time. Until now I didn't have a chance to go for the class...

Since I'm not going to my study I felt everything. Kira macam LAIN sangat! Nak teruskan kerja TIDAK MENDAPAT KEIZINAN from my mom. OH MOM ! bUt I know mom's really care about my future. I agree!!. Nak daftar kelas menjahit, rasa macam tak sempat dah ni. HIK2. And maybe time semester holiday. InsyaAllah. Mudah-mudahan la ye. I hope so ^_^ Bak kata orang-orang tua, "WOMEN MUST KNOW EVERYTHING" tapi takpe jugak kan if tahu sikit-sikit je. Teringin nak buat baju kurung for my mom. Ngeh2. So jangan pandang saya sebelah mata. ;D

So Raya Day tak lama lagi akan tiba. Wow! I really excited! Oh..No!
YOU excited! *_* I will post next entry to wish Raya !

Okay, thanx for reading this entire post. Your Awesome! ;D


  1. Jahit...Along suka jahit ker..hehe. lepasni buat baju angah laa...org bayar...10 sen! heee

  2. huh....

    kire ade niat nak lakukan sesuatu tu..dah kira baik tau! hehe..

    10 sen? bek x payot! ;D


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