:: LoVe You MOm ::

Now, I am 21 years old. My family are my joy and my happiness. My life isn't without you and Abah . You are my life and my inspiration thats keeps me go on. Without you ummi, I won't be here. I'm so sorry. I try to be the best for you. But sometimes along so teruk. ;p When I was young, you always motivate and encouraged me to be somebody. Please hold me in every minutes. I really need you. ;)

I won't forget all the moments with you. Its too meaningful, I'm thankful for havin you as my mom dunia wal akhirah. I want to be the best daughter in your life. InsyaAllah. Abah also, thank you very2 much, without you, my life is nothing !

To all mummys in the world, Happy Mothers Day!!!



  1. selaam thari ibu..
    sayang ibu2 semua.=)

  2. will be mother sooN...i.allah.hehe..tQ. ;)


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